New York, New York. If you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere.

The New York City based Chilled 100 team was in full force and ready for action at their roundtable event. Members met up at Gentilly, a gem of the Blackwood Hospitality group located in the West Village.

The New Orleans inspired restaurant was a perfect setting for the Chilled 100 crew, with delicious food steeped in authentic French and Creole cultural influences and a cocktail menu that was just as exciting. Let’s just say, the Ramos Gin Fizzs where flowing with the help of an automatic duel-cocktail shaker. The absinth fountain drip was also a nice touch. It was just the right amount of NOLA to get everyone geared up for Tales next month.

Palm Bay International sponsored the evening and their N.Y. Area Manger, Jennifer Spiering with the help of Matias Chiota, for EDV Wine Merchants made the event educational and rewarding for the Chilled 100 bartenders, who gained insight and knowledge into the brands extensive spirits portfolio.

“The opportunity to attend the DC and NYC round table discussions highlighted the essence of why the Chilled 100 will be instrumental in contributing to the evolution and growth of our industry. Even in two East Coast cities with arguably similar personalities, the dynamic of the forums was distinct in each. While like ideas were discussed, each group of bartenders added something unique to the discussion or presented a different perspective, ultimately lending to a more comprehensive big-picture. The more dialogue and interaction we share as a larger community, the more we afford ourselves and our industry the opportunity to grow, inform and inspire. I am excited to see the culmination of all the round tables come to fruition!”
– Rachel Kling, Chilled 100 Member who was visiting from DC and made her way to the NYC event

“What a great event to host and be a part of the Chilled 100. Collaborating with amazing bartender minds and discussing our industry in how to improve and make it better is such a unique and pleasure to be a part of not just for me, but for all of us here at Gentilly and our group Blackwood Hospitality. Thank you Chilled Magazine for the opportunity and an amazing night.”
– Juan Arboleda, Chilled 100 NYC Member, Bar Manager, Gentilly

“It’s always a pleasure to taste new spirits in excellent company, and even better when that includes a lively discussion on how we can take our profession/industry forward.”
– Lana Gailani, Chilled 100 NYC Member, Bartender at Seamtress and Holiday Cocktail Lounge