Leading U.S. wine and spirits importer Palm Bay International is delighted to announce the addition of family-owned Chase Distillery to its growing artisanal spirits portfolio.

William Chase grew up in the picturesque countryside of Herefordshire, England and has been farming potatoes here for the last 20 years. In 2004, after a period spent successfully producing gourmet potato crisps, William decided to follow a newly discovered passion and try his hand at distilling ultra-premium, single estate vodka from his organically farmed potatoes. Four years later, in 2008, the first batch was distilled and William, proud of its high quality and local provenance, decided to put his own name on the bottle.

Chase vodka is produced from 100% estate grown potatoes using a highly skilled, artisanal distillation process that adopts traditional methods not changed since the 1900s. Using a bespoke copper batch pot, Europe’s tallest rectification tower (standing at 70ft) and their beautiful carter head style ‘Ginny’, each lovingly crafted Chase bottle is hand-filled and sealed on-site ensuring a genuine single estate process from field to bottle.

In addition to the original Chase Potato Vodka (40% abv), Palm Bay International is adding two non-traditional flavored vodkas, Chase Smoked (40% abv) and Chase Marmalade (40% abv), to its portfolio as well as Chase Elderflower Liqueur (20% abv) – made from a unique blend of Chase Potato Vodka base and a hand-crafted elderflower syrup produced from elderflower blossoms grown on local farms. Chase Vodkas and Chase Elderflower Liqueur will be available nationwide with an SRP of $34.99.

Chase Bottle Varieties including, Chase Potato Vodka, Chase Smoked, Chase Marmalade and Chase Elderflower Liqueur, industry news

Chase Bottle Varieties including, Chase Potato Vodka, Chase Smoked, Chase Marmalade and Chase Elderflower Liqueur

About Chase Distillery
Family-owned Chase Distillery is housed in a converted hop-kiln barn nestled amongst 400 acres of Herefordshire farmland. From rolling potato fields to sweet-smelling apple orchards, it’s here that we turn our organically grown produce from Chase Farm into our award-winning single estate vodkas. Discover more at ChaseDistillery.co.uk


About Palm Bay International
Palm Bay International, a dynamic family-owned company, offers one of the nation’s most comprehensive portfolios of imported wines and spirits, including over 50 suppliers from around the globe. Among Palm Bay’s most valued assets is its remarkable network of long-term partnerships with the foremost wholesale companies in all 50 states, as well as the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. With the crucial collaboration of these partners, Palm Bay’s portfolio is able to meet the needs of every level of the industry, from independent restaurants and retail stores, to chain accounts, supermarkets, hotels, airlines, cruise ships, duty-free accounts and U.S. military bases. This impressive roster of brands, accounts and relationships positions Palm Bay as a major source of fine wines and spirits and an industry leader in the U.S. marketplace. For more visit PalmBay.com.