Just a week after the release of his latest single, “Drunk Americans,” Toby Keith will be celebrating National Mezcal Day on October 21 with his Wild Shot Mezcal, Toby’s signature spirit.

Toss a shot back and “blame it on the worm,” mix up a cocktail of specially crafted recipes from www.WildShot.com, or visit Wild Shot’s Facebook page for exclusive giveaways to honor the holiday. This month will also welcome five lucky folks who have gone from being huge Toby Keith fans to proud Toby Keith drinking buddies as the winners of the first ever Drinks After Work Sweepstakes, conducted courtesy of Wild Shot Mezcal. Selected from over 100,000 Facebook and mail-in entries, Linda Tebben, Christel Meeks, Donna Watson, Sherri Singleton and Caroline Mann all won the opportunity to join the entertainer for an afternoon drink.

The date was worked into a packed schedule that included his “Shut Up And Hold On” Tour Presented by Ford F-Series stops, as well as the Oct. 14 release of his new single, “Drunk Americans.” Though the contest closed Aug. 31, Toby fans can still celebrate with the Big Dog Daddy on Oct. 21 by enjoying a glass of Wild Shot after work that afternoon.

“Our Drinks After Work Sweepstakes surpassed our expectations with more than 100,000 fans entering,” says Wild Shot CMO Shawn Harlan. “I wish I was there to see all their faces when we announced the five winners. I will be lucky enough to thank them all in person when we have them together for our drinks.”

Fans who missed out on the sweepstakes this summer also had the chance to raise a glass of Wild Shot on tour, as the Wild Shot Mezcal inflatable bar made appearances at select dates on the nationwide outing. This was the third year going that portable watering hole went on the road with its headliner.

Add the Big Dog Daddy recipe below to your bartending repertoire.


Big Dog Daddy

  • 1 oz Wild Shot Reposado Mezcal
  • 1 oz Rye Whiskey
  • 1 oz Blackberry Brandy (or Creme de Cassis)

Method: Build over ice in a rocks glass, stir well and serve

Garnish: Sprig of mint and lemon twist

More Wild Shot Mezcal drink concoctions can be found at www.WildShot.com

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