On Friday, May 13, 2016, Sagamore Spirit officially launched their Signature Straight Rye Whiskey into the market.

Now, every time Friday the 13th — aka RyeDay the 13th — comes along, the whiskey brand celebrates all things Maryland rye. This September, we are joining Sagamore, along with some of our favorite bars across the United States, to commemorate RyeDay the 13th by raising a glass of delicious rye.

Sagamore takes a lot of pride in their Maryland-style rye whiskey, and it’s easy to see why. Their award-winning spirits are some of our favorites on the shelf, known for its balanced and approachable flavor. Whether you prefer drinking rye neat or mixing it into a classic Manhattan or Old Fashioned, we always reach for a bottle of Sagamore Spirit when bartending at home.

Celebrate Sagamore RyeDay, featured image

Celebrate Sagamore RyeDay

Maryland has a rich distilling history. Before Prohibition, Maryland was home to 44 distilleries and both Basil Hayden and the Beam family learned their craft in The Old Line State. Because Sagamore is so passionate about raising awareness and inspiring people to drink Maryland rye whiskey, they have teamed up with restaurants and bars across the country where fans can raise a glass to the spirit on Friday, September 13. “I couldn’t be prouder of our entire team for leading the Maryland-style rye revival,” says Sagamore President Brian Treacy. “RyeDay the 13th is the day to celebrate the past, present and future of Maryland Rye Whiskey.”

Sloe Ryder cocktail with lemon wing garnish

Sloe Ryder

If you’re in San Francisco on RyeDay the 13th, be sure to enjoy the Slow Ryder from The Treasury. Crafted by Luis Ramos this cocktail is made with Sagamore Spirit Signature Rye whiskey, sloe gin, manzanilla sherry, a house vermouth blend and walnut tincture. Other San Francisco bars serving specialty cocktails for RyeDay the 13th include Blackbird, The Beehive, Rickhouse, RYE, East Bay Spice Company, The Front Porch, Cask Stores, The Treasury, The Sea Star and The Vault. Pop into one of these special bars and join us in raising a glass to Sagamore Spirit!