Rémy Martin Cognac is gearing up with a fleet of sidecars and other classic cocktail recipes for National Cognac Day taking place on June 4th, 2017.

By recreating the iconic cocktail, Rémy Martin celebrates its historical place in the cocktail world and pays homage to the early 20s. Taking it a step further, the brand aims to modernize the popular drink by adding regionally inspired ingredients to the historic Sidecar recipe, traditionally made with Rémy Martin Cognac, Cointreau®, and lemon juice.

“While continuing to honor the story of our heritage, we take pride in evolving the brand to connect to today’s clientele. We are passionate about offering creative experiences that engage and inspire our clients to enjoy Rémy Martin cognac and its versatility in cocktails, adding a touch of French sophistication and savoir-faire to their lifestyle.”
– Emma Medina, Vice President of Rémy Martin Americas

Celebrate National Cognac Day with Rémy Martin

CLICK HERE to see Rémy Martin’s recipes honoring National Cognac Day, and get a firsthand look at these classic cocktail recipes that spotlight the bands rich cognac heritage. Don’t miss the special must mix focus on its signature cocktail, The Royal Sidecar, perfect for any National Cognac Day celebration.