Vya™ Vermouth has announced plans to celebrate Manhattan Month™ this and every October – a month long celebration honoring and exploring the Manhattan Cocktail.

Vya invites all cocktail enthusiasts and industry members to partake in the celebration by creating, mixing, sipping and sharing this American classic. Fans can participate in the discussion around it on social media and in their favorite bar or restaurant throughout October.

“We love our Manhattans and are amazed by the interplay between Vya Sweet Vermouth and all types of American whiskeys, ryes, and bourbons!. We’re hoping to spark conversation about what truly makes a great Manhattan, and to learn more from cocktail fans about what elements they think are important in this classic cocktail. We envision participating restaurants and bars will honor Manhattan Month with Manhattan drink specials in October and mixologists/bartenders will create unique recipes to share online.”
– Jim Fricke, Sales & Marketing Director for Vya Vermouth

Vya™ Vermouth, bottle and glasses, cocktails

Vya™ Vermouth

Vya Vermouth is known as America’s original and foremost craft vermouth and was launched in 1999 by Andrew Quady, founder of Quady Winery in Madera, California.

“For our part, we notice that the baking spices in Vya Sweet Vermouth (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and clove) pair particularly well with the vanilla notes in whiskey and contribute to making beautifully rich, spicy, and aromatic Manhattans. We’re curious to know what the rest of the world thinks and hope they’ll share with us on social media.”
– Andrew Quady, Founder of Quady Winery in Madera, California

Vya Sweet Vermouth was recently awarded the prestigious “Vermouth Trophy” from the International Wine Challenge in London, recognizing it as amongst the best vermouths available.

During Manhattan Month, you can participate in the conversation by using hashtag #manhattanmonth and following Vya Vermouth on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Vya’s Mixologist, Dana Fares, will be sparking conversation around the occasion with new Manhattan recipes, secrets on the nuances of pairing vermouth and whiskey, and exploration of what it takes to make a great Manhattan.

For more information on Manhattan Month, visit ManhattanMonth.com or email ManhattanMonth@Gmail.com. For more information on Vya Vermouth, visit Vya.com or email Colin Hough at Colinh@QuadyWinery.com.