Award-Winning Tequila Producer Casa Noble Announces $1,200 Luxury Expression, Alta Belleza. Only 563 Bottles Available Worldwide.

Casa Noble, the award-winning, ultra-premium, and fastest growing tequila brand in its category is debuting a rare, limited release luxury line of tequilas called Colección del Fundador. The first edition of this exceptional collection is launching with Alta Belleza, a Single Barrel Extra Añejo finished in rare wine barrels, which retails at $1,200. With only 563 bottles available in the world, the exquisite product is offered in select cities across the U.S. and internationally. Crafted by Casa Noble’s Founder and Maestro Tequilero, Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo, Alta Belleza pays homage to the meeting of two of the world’s finest terrains, the famed To Kalon Vineyard in Napa Valley and the rich agave fields in Jalisco, Mexico.

Casa Noble Releases Alta Belleza

Casa Noble Releases Alta Belleza

The superior Alta Belleza begins with Casa Noble’s industry-leading Single Barrel Extra Añejo, made from only hand-harvested 100% Blue Weber Agave, grown in rich volcanic soil. Triple distilled for utmost purity, the liquid is aged slowly to perfection in new French White Oak barrels. Taking this technique one step further, the finishing touch that separates Alta Belleza from any other tequila on the market is its final rest for six months in T5 Tonnellerie Taransaud French Oak wine barrels previously used to age the exclusive Robert Mondavi To Kalon Cabernet Sauvignon from the world-renowned To Kalon Vineyard. Resulting in a sweet and bright taste that is perfectly balanced, the wine barrel imparts a distinctive, intense flavor, and delivers a beautiful copper-red tone to the liquid. Aromas of green apple and spice complement notes of cinnamon, toasted almond and sweet cooked agave in Alta Belleza’s unrivaled taste. To Kalon, which is Greek for the “highest beauty,” serves as the inspiration for the Alta Belleza name, which is Spanish for “high beauty.”

“I am thrilled to share the first volume of Colección del Fundador with the world. At Casa Noble, we are proud to make tequilas that rival the finest spirits available, with a complexity that is unmatched. We’re dedicated to looking for groundbreaking techniques to create authentic yet unexpected tequilas that celebrate the spirit in a way it deserves.”
– Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo, Casa Noble’s Founder and Maestro Tequilero

Casa Noble Releases Alta Belleza

Casa Noble’s Alta Belleza Being Sampled for Quality

Colección del Fundador, inspired by founder Hermosillo’s private collection of unique and thoughtful tequila expressions, will showcase a new volume each year around the holidays. These limited edition, rare releases will continue to highlight Hermosillo’s passion and innovative drive to push the boundaries for sophisticated and intriguing tequila tastes.

Recently named “Tequila Producer of the Year” at the 2016 International Spirits Challenge, Casa Noble is one of the few certified organic and kosher tequilas on the market today. The product is made in small batches and always triple distilled, going beyond industry standards.