A Dash of Creativity with Tradition Can Win You $5,000!

The time-tested Trumer Pils family recipe has been putting smiles on the faces of beer drinkers for centuries, so it’s no surprise the beer has also won a multitude of awards, including three World Cup Gold Medals. Now, Trumer and Chilled magazine are challenging bartenders this summer to incorporate the pils into a California-inspired cocktail in the California Fresh Cocktail Competition.

Trumer Pils, located in Berkeley, California, surfaced in 2004 as a sister location to the Trumer Brauerei, which has produced beer since 1601 in Salzburg, Austria. The Bay Area location allows Trumer to marry the American craft brewing passion with centuries-old Austrian brewing traditions.

“Our handcrafted pilsner remains true to style, focusing on four pure ingredients and extended cold fermentation to create perfectly balanced beer.”
– Lars Larson, Master Brewer

The California Fresh Cocktail Competition Picnic Display

The California Fresh Cocktail Competition

Indeed, all one will find in Trumer Pils (which has a 4.9% ABV) is malted barley, noble Saaz hops, a brewery-developed proprietary yeast strain, and pure water that flows from the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The California Fresh Cocktail Competition Picnic Display

The California Fresh Cocktail Competition

Still, while adhering to tradition is laudable, there’s no reason a brewery can’t also embrace innovation. And that’s where the California Fresh Cocktail Competition comes into play. Bartenders are being asked to create a Trumer Pils cocktail this summer that includes no more than five additional ingredients (and an optional garnish) that captures the spirit of California.

“We are looking for recipes that can be enjoyed in the sunny southern region or the crisp north. Trumer Pils is a refined beer that is very versatile. Not only does it pair well with almost any food, it’s also the perfect ingredient for a cocktail. Mixology isn’t just for spirits and wine—incorporating beer feels like the perfect way to mix things up.”
– Lars Larson

The cocktail competition is yet another way of adding a dash of creativity to tradition. Whether it’s Napoleon setting fire to the Austrian Brauerei and crops in 1800 or opening a brewery in California, Trumer has always managed to forge ahead while also holding onto its past.

The California Fresh Cocktail Competition with Trumer Pils

Bartenders: Open your Instagram profiles, log on to Chilledmagazine.com/TrumerPils, and test those beer cocktail recipes. It’s time to submit your best California-inspired Trumer Pils cocktail and try to win some cash!

How to Enter

Step 1: Enter at Chilledmagazine.com/TrumerPils.

Step 2: Post a photo of your entry to Instagram and tag @TrumerPilsUSA, and include a full list of ingredients and measures.


  • The deadline for entries is August 24, 2018
  • The top ten recipes chosen by a panel of judges will be announced the week of August 27, 2018, in Berkeley, CA
  • The winner will be chosen on August 31, 2018

Cocktail Specifics:

  • Each entry must include one pour of Trumer Pils and no more than five ingredients (excluding garnish, which is optional)
  • Entries will be judged on taste, balance, look, creativity, and how they capture the spirit of California

Grand Prize: $5,000!