Budweiser is bringing back its iconic “America” labels just in time to celebrate the red, white and blue for the summer.


Following last year’s epic launch of “America” packaging, Budweiser is proudly re-introducing the labels just in time for summer. The patriotic summer cans and bottles are an ever-present reminder that every drop of Budweiser consumed in America is brewed across Budweiser’s 12 breweries in America. Since 2011, when Budweiser unveiled its first stars and stripes can, the brand has raised a cold one to summer in a new, truly authentic and celebratory fashion. So this summer, Budweiser is raising a toast to this great country and everyone who pursues their dreams with passion and hard work.

The 16 oz. bottles and 12 oz. cans will be available on shelves now through the end of September, 2017.