Big news for Brockmans Gin, the super-premium new-style gin that has been winning the favor of bartenders and consumers alike!

The brand has just been announced as the Platinum Medal winner at the 2020 SIP Awards. The SIP Awards are one of the only internationally recognized spirits competitions judged by consumers. The Platinum Medal, the award program’s most prestigious award, is a monumental achievement for Brockmans.

Brockmans Gin Wins Platinum, bottle on white

Brockmans Gin Wins Platinum

“It is the ultimate honor for Brockmans Gin to receive a Platinum rating from the SIP Awards and our most important audience – consumers,” noted Guy Lawrence, Managing Director of Brockmans Gin. “The SIP Awards recognizes the importance of consumer opinion by providing one of the most reliable measures of beverage quality ratings in the world and delivering their opinions, thoughts, and voices to the general public. Consumers have spoken and they prefer Brockmans Gin.”

The signature taste of Brockmans is created by its unique blend of botanicals that include blueberries, blackberries, coriander, bittersweet orange peel, and juniper. These all come together to create a complex flavor profile and a smooth finish. These characteristics contribute to what endeared it to judges.

Winning the highest honor of the SIP Awards is a unique honor for the company. The SIP Awards are unique in that judges are general consumers pulled from all demographics. Not only does this make the awards a level playing ground for brands of all levels, but it truly cuts to the core of public opinion on spirits.