This year’s Blue Point Brewing Company’s 12th Annual Cask Ales Festival was the best yet!!

This one-of-a-kind real ale event has come such a long way since its start 12 years ago. According to Blue Point’s early craft beer pioneers, the first Cask Ales Fest looked very much like a local joining of fellow brewers coming together in a parking lot. Fast forward to a little over a decade to what now has become one of the largest real ale gatherings in the country.

This year’s event, held at Blue Point Brewing Company, in Patchogue, New York on Saturday April 16, 2016 was the biggest and the best yet, hosting more that 60 breweries from around the country and providing more than 200 varieties of cask ale, with live music, food trucks and of course all the ‘firkin’ goodness beer-lovers could handle.

The beers flowing were out of this world, brewed with lots of foodie influence, including favorites like peanut butter and jelly oatmeal stout and a white IPA with banana chips and roasted pecans. Blue Point Brewing’s Brewmaster Dan Jansen also debuted other original brews including the Old Howling Bastard Barleywine with smoked oak chips and vanilla.

The Annual Blue Point Cask Ales Festival celebrates what makes the craft beer community special – the spirit of collaboration. Cask Fest provides a platform for both home-brewers and professional craft beer entrepreneurs to come together and experiment with new and innovative cask ale recipes.