Moretti’s ‘Get the Ball Rolling’ Retail and On-Premise Program Pairs Two Italian Classics, Beer and Bocce.

Birra Moretti, Italy’s classic beer made in the traditional way since 1859, is teaming up with Bocce, the country’s beloved pastime, to encourage LDA+ consumers to come together and enjoy these two great Italian classics with friends, family and fellow patrons at their favorite local bar, at home or at other outdoor social gatherings this fall.

“Bocce ball is a fun and social game that anyone can play. The game has a vintage, throwback appeal and is enjoying a renaissance in the U.S. today. We are excited to provide on-premise and retail accounts with a program that pairs these two great Italian classics to help drive consumer engagement and increase sales of Birra Moretti Lager and La Rossa.”
– Amberly Hilinski, Senior Brand Manager for Birra Moretti, Five Points Trading Company

Birra Moretti Announces Fall Program, print advertisment

To activate ‘Get the Ball Rolling’, Birra Moretti is sponsoring events including Eat Drink SF, Chicago Gourmet and Taste of Italy L.A., while partnering with local Bocce leagues in Boston, Chicago and New York to build awareness and consumer engagement. On-premise, branded bocce POS elements along with glassware, tap handles, table tents, coasters and magnetized scoreboards will be available to elevate the consumer experience and encourage patrons to join in the fun of a friendly bocce competition with a cold Birra Moretti Lager or La Rossa.

At retail (where legal), custom designed POS materials including posters and tuck cards along with bocce kit display enhancers will invite consumers to choose Birra Moretti and bocce to enhance their social gatherings whether at home or other outdoor locations. Local radio and out of home advertising will amplify the program and drive consumer engagement.

“Birra Moretti is made using only the finest raw ingredients including a special blend of hops that give the beer its distinctive taste and fragrance,” added Hilinski. “It is crafted in appreciation of timeless Italian culture and traditions. Pairing Birra Moretti, Italy’s beer, with bocce is a natural.”

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