Get Rowdy with Berghoff’s New Rowdy Root Beer. Delicious 6.6% ABV Root Beer to Debut This July, 2015.

This July, 2015, Midwestern craft brewer Berghoff Brewery will debut Rowdy Root Beer, a 6.6% ABV alcoholic root beer. The brewery has long produced a popular, classic root beer, first establishing its strong market presence during Prohibition as a means of staying in business. Today, Berghoff Brewery is recognized as a player in both the soda industry and the dynamic craft beer scene. The newly introduced Rowdy Root Beer ties together both sides of the Berghoff Brewery business in a delicious tribute to their history and roots, all while appeasing the modern craft beer drinker and capitalizing on the popular trend of alcoholic root beers.

Rowdy Root Beer in a Can

Rowdy Root Beer in a Can

Photo Courtesy of Berghoff Brewery

The beer itself is crafted from a flavorless porter mixed with root beer flavoring. Minkoff and his team worked with Northwestern Extract to achieve the iconic root beer flavor, testing out 15 different prototypes before determining the final recipe. The recipe, while different from Berghoff’s traditional root beer, combines the creaminess of the original with an appealing bite. The after tones taste of some of the delicious malts that the beer is created with. The label features a custom comic from Canadian artist Chez Meka, designed exclusively for Berghoff.

Rowdy Root Beer will be available in 12-oz. cans, sold in six-packs and on draught at select bars in the Chicago area. Berghoff will also continue to produce their original root beer, as they have for more than 75 years.

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