Vision Wine & Spirits is proud to announce that Berentzen has named them to manage the company’s sales and marketing duties nationally.

Berentzen Lineup

Berentzen Wild Cherry, Apple Liqueur, Pear Liqueur, Bushel & Barrel, Icemint

Photo Courtesy Berentzen

Berentzen is a 250 year old German company which specializes in fruit liqueurs and spirits. The line includes: Apple Liqueur ($19.99/750ml); Pear Liqueur ($19.99/750ml); Wild Cherry Liqueur ($19.99/750ml); Bushel & Barrel, a unique blend of Kentucky Bourbon and Berentzen Apple ($22.99/750ml); “White Apple,” a Calvados based clear apple flavored spirit ($22.99/750ml); and Ice Mint, a 100 proof mint-flavored shooter ($22.99/750ml).

Vision Wine & Spirits, LLC imports and markets fine wines and spirits from around the globe including The Bitter Truth, Master’s Selection Gin, John B. Stetson Bourbon, Pisa Nut Liqueur, Killepitsch, Maraska, etc. Vision believes in open, long-term relationships with its suppliers, building brands, and bringing new and innovative products to the market for the wine and spirits trade and consumers at competitive prices.

Founded in Haselünne, Germany in 1758 by Johann Bernhard Berentzen as a small local grain distillery, the House of Berentzen has expanded into a supplier of global brands (sold in 45 countries) providing centuries of know-how and closely monitored production and guaranteeing the unique quality in each of their special bottlings.

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