Belvedere Vodka and VICE’s Noisey Tap Celebrated Artists Future, Jhené Aiko and A-Trak to Provide an Exclusive Look at What’s Now and Next in the Music World.

Belvedere Vodka, the world’s original luxury vodka, today announced its partnership with VICE’s music channel Noisey in launching “Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene,” an experiential program spotlighting the hottest music scenes, breakthrough artists, and what’s to come for the industry.

“Music has always been a core part of the Belvedere DNA – we have a rich history of supporting and spotlighting some of the world’s most celebrated musicians. Noisey is the most innovative, original voice in music culture and we are proud to partner with them to showcase a collective of both established and trailblazing artists making an impact on music today.”
– Charles Gibb, President, Belvedere Vodka

Comprised of original video content, live performances, artist-curated playlists and more, “Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene” puts “Now” artists rapper and producer Future, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko and Grammy-nominated DJ and producer A-Trak center stage to examine music and its impact on culture at large. Through a three-part video series, each artist will explore a relevant “Scene” — hip hop meets fashion, new soul and R&B, and the rise of electronic music, respectively —providing an introspective on their own success while speaking to emerging trends and talent.

With musical festivals fueling major pop culture moments throughout the year, “Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene” will be brought to life at SXSW, Ultra and Coachella. Furthering the ethos of celebrating and developing music culture holistically, each artist has hand-selected an up-and-comer “Next” artist to take the stage at these music meccas. Jhené Aiko chose A.Chal, a sultry and unique Peruvian R&B singer-songwriter, to perform at SXSW; A-Trak chose KITTENS, a DJ and producer breaking boundaries for women in the industry, to perform at Ultra; and Future selected DJ Esco, his longtime collaborator and musical confidante, to perform at Coachella.

Artist-curated and boundary-pushing Spotify playlists will ensure the beat goes on long after music festival season ends. Each combines a unique cross section of genres and styles, popular and breakout artists and everything in between. Through these playlists, Future, Jhené Aiko and A-Trak offer fans a revealing look at their own personal music worlds.

“Through the “Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene,” program, we’re not only spotlighting some of today’s hottest artists, we are also working with them to identify emerging talent to bring to the forefront and introduce to new audiences – something Noisey is commended for.”
– Carlos Zepeda, VP Belvedere Vodka, U.S.

“Noisey has always tried to highlight the emerging artists driving music culture forward while paying homage to the established artists that have shaped it over their careers. We’re extremely excited to partner with Belvedere and bring together a few of the biggest names across different genres with some of the most interesting new talent following in their footsteps.”
– Jon Weidman, Associate Creative Director, Noisey

Through “Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene,” Belvedere Vodka inspires and enables music fans to discover new scenes and artists, and to be the tastemakers themselves.

“Belvedere x Noisey: Behind the Scene” officially kicks off with Jhené Aiko, and can be viewed HERE.

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