After hundreds of years of illegal production, poitin (known as the Original Irish Spirit) was made legal in 1997.

Dave Mulligan, owner of Bar 1661, the world’s first poitin-focused cocktail bar located in Dublin serves this classic riff on Irish Coffee using Mad March Hare Irish Poitin, one of the first premium Irish poitins to be made commercially following legalization.

Belfast Coffee, cocktails on wooden table

Belfast Coffee

Belfast Coffee


  • 3 parts cold brew coffee
  • 2 parts Mad March Hare Irish Poitín
  • 1 part demerara syrup
  • Double (heavy) cream
  • Nutmeg on top

Preparation: Prepare coffee; stir ingredients into a Nick and Nora glass. Top with double cream. Garnish with nutmeg. Watch the video to lean how-to make heavy cream.