An organized bar can ensure things will run more smoothly.

Something to remember is customers will be able to sense when behind the bar is neat because they will receive their drink promptly. When things are cluttered, misplaced, and poorly structured, you risk the chance of customers getting upset over waiting times.

Basta Hiro Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Basta Hiro Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Photo by Qui

There are many benefits to keeping an organized bar. Bartenders will be able to find what they are looking for right away which allows them to pour more drinks during the hour. Another perk is it will be easy to identify what needs to be restocked and when. This will ensure there is enough product behind the bar throughout each shift.

Here are some effective tips to organize your bar.

1. Arrangement of Liquor Bottles

While having bottles look aesthetically pleasing is important, it’s also crucial to display them in an easy and accessible way for the bartender. Typically bottles that are on the pricier side are on the top shelf and the more inexpensive bottles are within reach. Many bars often display lights on the shelves to illuminate the bottles, making them appealing to the customer’s eye.

2. Labeling

Having a neatly labeled bar can not only help things go back into the right place but can also allow for new bartenders to get a grasp on the environment. It’s recommended to use black electrical tape because it’s easy to clean, readily available to most people, and it’s durable. Use a silver or white sharpie to write with to make sure it stands out and can be read.

3. Eliminate Clutter

Keeping things simple will be helpful in the long run. Minimize the number of items that are kept behind the bar, sometimes less can be more. This will encourage the workers to pick up after themselves and have a sleeker workspace.

4. Design

You may not be able to design a bar from scratch but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop a layout that works with what you have. Make sure to take into accountability the size of your bar before making the drink menu. You may only have room for a smaller quantity of bottles and two bartenders behind the bar at a time. Take into consideration the space you have.

5. Arranging Glasses

Glassware is incredibly important behind the bar. Having the glasses effectively organized is key to keeping things running smoothly. Common drink glasses would include old fashioned glasses or highball glasses; keeping these nearby will eliminate extra time spent looking around. Hanging glasses will also clear up space and can keep them safely out of the way so they aren’t accidentally broken. Glasses that can be hung are wine or martini.