SheepShitFeatImgOne of only a handful of craft breweries to open in Iceland since brewing was legalized in 1989, Reykjavík’s Brewery Börg is known for their innovation and creative techniques in the craft beer market.

Börg is proud to announce the release of Fenrir, soon to be available in the U.S. for the first time. Named after a Nordic wolf god, Fenrir is an Icelandic Smoked IPA made with a curious new ingredient–malt smoked with droppings from Icelandic sheep.

[quote]“A common source of fuel in Iceland-which lacks the trees needed for firewood-sheep droppings provide a renewable source of fuel that is often used in smoking to cure meat and fish.”[/quote]

An innovative version of a classic IPA style, Fenrir has a dry hop bitterness that is balanced with rich undertones of smoke. Much like beers brewed in Scotland utilizing peat-smoked malt, the technique gives the beer a unique and incomparable full-bodied and nutty flavor. Fenrir is the second beer from Brewery Börg available in the states, joining Garun, a rich and strong Icelandic Stout that clocks in at an impressive 11.5% ABV. Total Beverage Solution acquired the rights to the Brewery Börg portfolio in February and is proud to be representing the brand. Fenrir is now available now for pre-order by e-mailing

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