Beefeater Celebrates London’s Musical Heritage with New Limited Edition.

Beefeater, the world’s most awarded gin brand* has unveiled Beefeater London Sounds, the first of a series of annual packaging innovations, as it seeks to invite consumers to celebrate the legacy of London music. Every Beefeater London Sounds limited edition bottle is inspired by the iconic and diverse musical heritage of the UK’s capital city, and will increase the brand’s engagement with music enthusiasts around the world.

Beefeater London Sounds captures the essence of London’s rich musical landscape throughout the eras in a contemporary way that perfectly fuses two symbols of the British capital – music and London Dry Gin.

Beefeater London Sounds Launches

Beefeater London Sounds Limited Edition Bottle

Beefeater has teamed up with music streaming giant, Spotify, to create an interactive music map of London that supports the new limited edition launch. Hosted via Beefeater’s website, the digital activation enables users to listen to some of London’s finest and most iconic music and explore music venues and places of interest to delve deeper into the rich history of London music. Inspired by the capital’s diverse musical genres that range from punk, rock, electronic and reggae, the musical map is a true reflection of the eclecticism of London music culture over the past 100 years.

The distinct bottle design of London Sounds showcases a timeless shiny black vinyl that highlights London’s musical heritage through the Beefeater lens.

“London Sounds fuses some of the capital’s most internationally recognised cultural symbols – music, London iconography and gin. Our partnership with Spotify will allow consumers to experience Beefeater’s and London’s musical spirit through exclusive content. We are certain that the new limited edition bottle will convey the contemporary personality of Beefeater and will appeal to gin and music enthusiasts around the world.”
– J.C. Iglesias, Global Brand Director for Beefeater

The limited edition bottle will be supported by ATL visuals and will still contain the same award winning recipe used in Beefeater London Dry Gin. It will be available in various markets around the world.

*certified by Digitab research in 2015