Yoshi’s Roadie

Recipe by Julianna Fry


  • Balcones Rye
  • Balcones Baby Blue
  • Midori
  • Jewel-Aid (House Powdered Drink Blend)
  • Topo Chico
  • Big Red Whipped Cream

Preparation: Prepare Big Red whipped cream in an iSi. Blend all other ingredients in a shaker tin with a small amount of crushed ice. Give a hard, short shake. Double strain into a tulip beer glass. Top with 4 oz Topo Chico. Fill to top of glass with Big Red whipped cream. Finish by dusting with strawberry and banana powder and adding a frozen cherry and straw.

Garnish: Frozen Bing Cherry

Glassware: Tulip Beer Glass

Cocktail Inspiration:

I was inspired by the gorgeous and crazy arcades of Japan, their melon cream sodas, and a childhood spent drinking Big Red while constantly playing Mario Kart. I feel like this is the drink Yoshi would grab before hitting Rainbow Road.