Bold & Beautiful

Recipe by Ruben Michael


  • 2 oz. Balcones Texas Rye
  • bar spoon Sweet Smoke*
  • 3 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • Time Capsule**


  1. Smoke cherry wood chips and time capsule spread on a cedar plank board with a flamed lemon peel.
  2. Place glass upside down on top of wood chips upside down.
  3. In mixing glass: Add 3 dashes angostura bitters.
  4. Add bar spoon of sweet smoke.
  5. Add 2 oz. of Balcones Texas Rye.
  6. Add block ice and stir 60 rotations.
  7. Turn rocks glass back over facing up, add large ice rock.
  8. Julep strain contents of mixing glass into smoked rocks glass.
  9. Add garnish and serve.

*Sweet Smoke

Infused luxardo, cinnamon, vanilla syrup in equal parts

**Time Capsule

Coconut espresso pods soaked in Balcones Rum

Garnish: Flamed Lemon Peel

Glassware: Vintage Rocks

Cocktail Inspiration:

I’m rooted in my classics and try not to get too fancy… My fingerprints are all over this evolution of this Texas Rye! So I wanted to pay tribute to the great professor Jerry Thomas, considered to be the original barman, aka The Godfather! Enough said!!! I still love to get creative and push what the modern palate can take, as far as drinking. I get that clients sometimes want to be wowed! So cheers to you guys! This robust Rye mashbill gives a rich, sweet mild palate, layers of chocolate over leather, tobacco, oak, and spice notes… Shall we! On deck, we have a time capsule of coconut espresso pods soaked in my fav out of the Texas lineup fam, Balcones Rum. Indeed, a reverent spin-off for you whisky drinkers, you’re sure to find this, bold wood, vanilla and caramel whisky-like spirit in my portfolio… Mix infused pods with smoked cherry wood sprinkled over a cedar plank board. Smoked glass along with a flamed lemon peel. Sit back, taste your cigar and watch the magic happen, you might actually learn something on this modern classic…