As one of the spirit industry’s most well-known and respected trendsetters, advocates and educators, Colin Asare-Appiah, Senior Portfolio Ambassador for the Northeast for Bacardi in the United States, has been impacting and setting industry standards since he first got his start in the business over three decades ago.

Colin has just been awarded the industry’s most prestigious honor and named ‘Best American Brand Ambassador’ at the 10th Annual 2016 Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards® for his extraordinary contribution to his industry and community.

Every year, more than 100 industry experts and peers vote on what has become the cocktail industry’s premiere recognition and accolade. Tales of the Cocktail recognizes the best bars, bartenders, ambassadors and cocktail writers with these distinguished awards. This year, Colin was honored as that most accomplished and dedicated ambassador champion in the United States. This preeminent distinction acknowledges the importance of strong personality in the promotion of drink brands and their creative use of brand communication to engage the trade and their ability to execute compelling education and seminars with a primary focus on education for the trade.

“I am honored to receive this coveted American Brand Ambassador award at Tales of the Cocktail given to me by my peers. I enjoy engaging with and promoting the industry everyday, and this award is a culmination of the efforts of the entire Bacardi trade advocacy family, spreading knowledge in a dynamic way that will further elevate the community for decades to come.”
– Colin Asare-Appiah

Bacardi's Best Brand Ambassador, Colin Asare-Appiah

Colin Asare-Appiah, Bacardi

Photo Courtesy of Doron Gild Photography

For the past five years at Bacardi, the largest privately held spirits company in the world, Colin has proudly been in charge of fostering brand advocacy for the Bacardi. brand portfolio in the U.S. He’s not only tirelessly worked on building brand loyalty, but he’s raised the bar and elevated the bartending community as a whole with his spirited and dedicated expert approach. His long and hard work in the industry has clearly gained him recognition and the utmost respect within the community, making him today’s superstar ambassador in the spirits world.