Covid-19 and the era it manifested are responsible for catalyzing a total alteration of how drinkers are choosing to imbibe across America this summer.

Bacardi Rum x Berber

Bacardi Rum x Berber

According to the latest survey by Bacardi, the world’s largest privately-held spirits company, 90% of respondents (out of 2000+ people) who drink cocktails have absolutely changed how and what they drink after restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

The ambition to become a virus-free society laid the foundation for recent trends among drinkers. For example, 43% of Americans claim they plan to spend more time socializing and sipping drinks outside this summer compared to last year. Also, it seems they will be enjoying the great outdoors relatively closer to home.

Despite trends showing that Americans were traveling internationally more than ever before prior to lockdown, 40% will now be staying within their home state, and only 5% say they’ll go abroad once permitted.

As online shopping continues to grow, 35% of Americans say they look forward to purchasing ingredients and creating cocktails for their own outdoor drinking experiences with friends and family.

BACARDÍ Rum - Piña Colada

BACARDÍ Rum – Piña Colada

As far as cocktails go, the Margarita serves as the one retaining its spot above them all, with 36% of respondents claiming it as their top preference. Rum cocktails like the Piña Colada (27.5%) and the Mojito (23%) finished in second and third place.

BACARDÍ Rum - Mojito

BACARDÍ Rum – Mojito

Bacardi has teamed up with Drizly and Instacart to get these trendy summer cocktails to your door! Although the beach may not be as accessible this season, seaside-friendly frozen cocktails continue to be a popular choice. 41.7% of U.S. respondents are anticipating the indulgence of a frozen cocktail this summer, whether it is a frozen BACARDÍ Piña Colada or the MARTINI & ROSSI Frosé and Frosecco frozen cocktails.

Martini - Non-Alcoholic Vibrante Spritz

Martini – Non-Alcoholic Vibrante Spritz

Another top trend acknowledged by Bacardi is the “cocktail in a can,” a great option for when the weather heats up. Popular already for their convenience and portability, close to 30% claimed they plan to purchase ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails or canned spirit and mixers for their socially-distanced summer get-togethers, with their portability, ease to keep cold, and their convenience cited as key reasons for stocking up on a pre-made cocktail.

“Cocktails in a can have been a hot trend this past year and the current lockdown appears to have increased their popularity as a safe and portable drink option. In addition, cocktails-to-go have really taken off with bars and consumers embracing the trend at a much faster rate as a viable choice for summer social occasions,” says Brenda Fiala, Global VP Strategy Insights and Analytics for Bacardi.