BACARDÍ® rum, the world’s most awarded rum, has announced the launch of BACARDÍ Ginger, a golden rum infused with ginger flavors for a mouth-watering sweet and spicy taste.

The aromatic flavor of ginger has been a staple in kitchens worldwide for years and is now about to become a mainstay in the drinks cabinet. BACARDÍ Ginger is best enjoyed with mixers such as cola or lemonade, which allow the distinctive flavors of the ginger to shine through.

Demand for flavored spirits continues to grow and is set to be the next big trend to hit the rum category, thanks in part to the recent surge in popularity of pink and flavored gins. BACARDÍ Ginger offers a high-quality flavored rum offering for spirits drinkers who are excited by innovative new tastes and experiences.

“There is a real opportunity within the golden rum segment, which is growing faster than white, dark or spiced rums. We know that spirits drinkers are looking to experiment with new and interesting flavors, and we have introduced BACARDÍ Ginger as a response to this demand. We are excited for people to try this distinctive new flavor!”
– Sarah Doyle, Vice President – Europe, for BACARDÍ Rum

BACARDÍ Ginger, bottle on white


BACARDÍ Ginger has been crafted by the Maestros de Ron, who shape and craft all the products in the BACARDÍ portfolio using their sense of sight, taste, and smell, to ensure the quality of the spirit meets BACARDÍ standards. The brand’s Maestros de Ron are carefully chosen and trained under the stewardship of seven generations of rum-making expertise.

One of the oldest and most respected rum brands in the world, BACARDÍ has more than 156 years of history and heritage. For the family-owned brand, rum is more than about business, it’s personal, with a family name proudly displayed on every bottle. This is exemplified through generations of expert craftsmanship and authenticity.

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