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Mathew is a freelance writer, beer connoisseur, historian, and former tornado chaser. He's led an eclectic life, traveled many miles, and usually found a way to enjoy a beer or two along the way. His articles have been found on various webzines and he authors "A Pint of Chicago" for the Chicago Tribune Media Group. In addition to his Master's in Written Communication, he is currently working on a Master's in History, where he is researching the history of American beer culture.
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10 Oktoberfest Beers from Classic to Modern
5 years ago

10 Oktoberfest Beers from Classic to Modern

Oktoberfest began in Germany in 1810 as part of a royal wedding.

Eight years later, special Oktoberfest brews accompanied the celebration. In the century that followed, seven million Germans crossed …
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