Three Test Markets Selected for New Initiative While CHILLIN Boxed Wine Sales Continue to Grow.

The Arctic Beverage Company has entered into a joint agreement with Walgreens to test market Chillin Zipz in Florida, New Mexico and Arizona. The new SKU joins the already successful CHILLIN Box offerings which are available in both Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

CHILLIN, is produced by Chilean winemaker Casa Patronales and uses grapes from the Maule Valley to produce the easy to drink wine.

“‘Zipz’ are the single serve containers that were featured in ABC’s Shark Tank. They are a great alternative for outdoor venues, stadiums and those looking for a unique and high end single serve offering with portability without sacrificing great taste.”
– David Antell, VP of Sales, Arctic Beverage, LLC.


The single-serve wine packaging looks and feels like traditional stemware but with an oxygen barrier combined with a Lift-n-Peel seal that provides a longer shelf life. The packaging is 100 percent recyclable food-grade PET.

“As wine sales continue to grow and as more millenials come of age, we are betting that the CHILLIN Zipz will breakdown the accessibility barrier that comes with enjoying wine at events. What the Zipz technology does is provide a way to keep wine fresh and viable for a myriad of operations – from parks to concert halls and stadiums. Additionally, the Zipz offering is great for parties and even occasions where bottles and even boxes of wine are not practical. Unlike traditional bottle pours, this packaging has no wasted wine.”
– Christina Staalstrom, COO Arctic Beverage, LLC.


The most important feature of the new CHILLIN Zipz is the quality of the wine. The grapes used for the CHILLIN Chardonnay are hand harvested and then fermented in stainless steal. The grapes used in the production of CHILLIN Cabernet Sauvignon are harvested by machine then hand selected before they rest in a cool maceration for 24 hours.

In addition to the single serve Zipz, CHILLIN Chardonnay and CHILLIN Cabernet Sauvignon are available in 3L boxes. The CHILLIN Zipz will sell for $2.99 and the 3L box (equivalent of 4 750ml bottles) sells for $24.99.

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