Stunning and multi-faceted breakout star, Annie Hägg is the most electric talent to storm into Hollywood.

She was born and raised in New York City and received her MFA in 2016 from the Yale School of Drama. Annie has a gift for languages and is often called for roles that require an accent or fluency in a foreign language. She has played a Swede on Law & Order: SVU, a Ukrainian on FBI: MOST WANTED, a German on The Blacklist and spoke exclusively in Polish, Yiddish, and German on Hunters. It doesn’t end there; she also speaks Spanish and Swedish fluently.

Her most recent prominent role is in the upcoming Amazon original series, titled Hunters, starring Al Pacino and produced by Jordan Peele. It follows a group of Nazi hunters in the 1970’s who seek out justice on their own terms. The eclectic team of “Hunters” set out on a bloody quest to destroy the Nazis and thwart their new genocidal plans. While Annie’s role in the series remains under wraps for now, she went to great lengths for the role, shaved her head on camera, lost a significant amount of weight, and even learned to speak Polish and Yiddish for the role. Chilled chats with Hagg to learn about her upcoming projects and more.

Chillin' With Annie Hägg, black turtleneck

Chillin’ With Annie Hägg

Photo by David Goddard

What can you tell us about HUNTERS?

Hunters is the biggest project I’ve worked on thus far. I play Ruth Heidelbaum, the grandmother of the story’s protagonist Jonah Heidelbaum, in a series of flashbacks. Most of the show takes place in 1977, where Ruth (played by Jeannie Berlin) is part of an elite group of Nazi Hunters led by Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino). The show goes back in time to the 1940s to see Ruth’s origin story starting with the night her parents were murdered during the Nazi raid of the Lodz ghetto. It’s difficult to express what an honor it is to play a survivor of the Holocaust. I knew it was important to show how Ruth was always very strong and very brave as a young woman, so we understand what led her to become a Nazi Hunter later in life.

What’s your dream role?

Nora in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.

Favorite movie and why?

Three Colors: Blue by Krzysztof Kieslowski. I watch films repeatedly and I can say in this case that there is no bottom to what Juliette Binoche is exploring in this film. It’s a masterclass.

Chillin' With Annie Hägg, black dress

Chillin’ With Annie Hägg

Photo by David Goddard

What advice would you give for any artist that is starting out?

I would say unless your name is Meryl Streep you have no business not being in acting class. Athletes don’t just show up on game day, they are in the gym every day. If you aren’t on set and you’re not on stage, you should be in class.

What would you advise your younger self to do?


If you had a choice to work with anyone in the industry who would it be and why?

There are way too many to list, but Viola Davis, Willem Dafoe, Samuel L. Jackson and Judi Dench, to name a few.

Chillin' With Annie Hägg, portrait on white

Chillin’ With Annie Hägg

Photo by David Goddard

When you go out to eat, where do you like to dine? What types of dishes do you typically order?

My go-to restaurant is a Vietnamese restaurant a block away from where I live. I typically order curries, soups, and stews. I like being warm.

If you could share a drink with anyone, who would it be?

I never got to meet my dad’s mom. She passed away only a short while before I was born. I am named after her and have been told that I’m a lot like her. If I could share a drink with anyone, it would be her.