HEINEKEN USA is excited to announce the launch of Amstel Xlight, now available in Arizona, Texas, and Boston, MA. With only 90 calories, 2 grams of carbs, 4.2% ABV, and 4 IBUs, Amstel Xlight sets the new standard for a sessionable, premium quality light beer with a full beer flavor you wouldn’t expect from a light beer.

For domestic light beer drinkers looking for a crisp, low calorie and low carb beer, Amstel Xlight offers an upgrade by delivering a premium imported beer taste for an active, balanced lifestyle. The new product will be available in 6-pack bottles, 12-pack cans and bottles, and a 24oz. single serve can.

“Consumers who have tasted it, loved it. It’s a winning proposition. For retailers and on-premise operators, it offers an imported alternative to their domestic light beer selection. For consumers, it offers a sessionable, low calorie and low carb beer with great refreshing taste. Amstel Xlight won’t weigh down the beer drinker so there’s no compromising an active lifestyle.”
– Jessica Robinson, Senior Brand Director, Amstel and Strongbow

Amstel Xlight

Amstel Xlight

The three-market launch of Amstel Xlight will be supported with a fully integrated marketing program to drive consumer awareness and trial and generate store traffic. Consumer sampling, participation in active lifestyle events, and alignment with key influencers, will give consumers their first taste of Amstel Xlight. At retail, impactful merchandising will provide in-store visibility with display, shelf, and cooler materials to promote planned, impulse and repeat purchase.

To build consumer awareness, beginning in April, strategically-placed OOH advertising in key markets will deliver the core message, “90 Cals, 2 Carbs. Finally, an Extra Light Beer with Great Taste.” In addition, trade media and PR, as well as bartender engagement activations, will complement the consumer outreach and drive select channel distribution and account support.

“Amstel has an Amsterdam brewing tradition dating to 1870,” Robinson continued. “The city’s coat of arms added lions in the 16th century as 22 statues were created to protect its railway and shipping ports. Modernization in the 19th century moved the lions to various places around the city; fifteen have known locations, while seven are missing. Proudly, two of them now grace Amstel Xlight packaging with their presence as protectors of the quality and essence of our brand 150 years later. Amstel Xlight builds on this tradition.”

With 90 calories and 2 grams of carbs, Amstel Xlight is set for success. Heritage and history, great packaging, great taste, and impactful marketing, combine to motivate the consumer and increase retailer and on-premise operator sales and profits.

For more information, visit HEINEKENUSA.com.