Historic Horse Soldier Bourbon® Now Bottled in Glass Pressed from a Mold Forged with Steel from the World Trade Center.

American Freedom Distillery, located in St. Petersburg, Florida is proud to announce their historic packaging of their wildly popular Horse Soldier Bourbon; Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon is bottled in glass pressed from a mold created with steel from the World Trade Center.

This bourbon is distilled by the men who answered America’s call just days after 9/11 with a daring insertion by small teams of Green Berets mounted on horse back into northern Afghanistan. This brave and unconventional act earned them the moniker, the Horse Soldiers. The same men were featured in the movie 12 Strong, the CNN documentary Legion of Brothersand memorialized by the American Response Monument located at Ground Zero in New York City. Today they put their hearts and aspirations of a brighter future into this all American product.

It is only fitting that the bottle for Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon was forged in the USA at Anchor Glass in America’s heartland. Refusing to use non-American labor to save money, they created this piece of history alongside the US Steelworkers who understood the deep meaning it had to them and all Americans. Forged in fire, like these men, it is exclusively offered by the distributor Breakthru Beverage Group. Each bottle is a bit of history and a small memorial, which helps the charities they support.

Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon, bottle and mold on white

Horse Soldier Signature Bourbon

The Horse Soldiers themselves handpicked every Signature barrel. They distilled it by hand in the Midwest and offer it only at an authentic 95-proof and at a barrel strength. Horse Solider Bourbon honors heritage, is handcrafted, and will hit shelves across Florida in time for Memorial Day, 2018 at major liquor retailers across the state. This exceptional spirit was originally released in November to incredible reviews and sold out while setting sales records for a new craft brand. There are neither additives nor artificial colors, just the wheat-forward expressions naturally provided by the New American Oak barrels it is aged in for more than five years.

Their story is a dream turned reality. This group of former special operations veterans traveled the world preparing for their new lives as distillers before creating the finest spirits possible using the unique recipes, skills and flavors of many of the regions they visited. You can truly taste the American dream in every single bottle of American Freedom Distillery spirits. We may never know the truth of other brands when you hear their stories, but this is authentic history.

“We make whiskey for ourselves and what we don’t drink, we sell.”
– The Team at American Freedom Distillery

You can visit American Freedom Distillery in St. Pete’s eclectic downtown Warehouse Arts District starting Summer 2018 and purchase their bourbons. Meet the warriors who work there and shake their hands. Feel good that a portion of their proceeds support the charities they embrace. The 16,000 square-foot distillery will feature America Neat Grill & Whiskey House, an upscale restaurant featuring a wood fired grill, daily distillery tours, an education center on the history of bourbon in America, a retail shop and tons of events and tastings on-premise yearly. The distillery is truly a must-see destination for local food and spirit lovers as well as the 30 million visitors who visit the Tampa Bay area each year.

For more information, visit AmericanFreedomDistillery.com.