Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, American Barrels Makes its Mark.

Bourbon whiskey company, American Barrels, is growing rapidly throughout the southeastern United States. The brand is now sold in hundreds of locations from New York to Tennessee, including every Total Wine & Spirits in the state of Florida.

Twenty-five year-old CEO and Founder Michael Reed officially launched the company in August 2014, and has seen a steady rise in demand for American Barrels ever since.

“My intention was to create something that Americans could relate to on a nationalistic level, as well as to produce a quality beverage. We’ve done that by combining a true American spirit like bourbon, with a very deliberately designed bottle.”
– CEO and Founder Michael Reed


The bottle itself pays homage to the two types of barrels that Americans hold dear – gun barrels and whiskey barrels. The bottom is encased in brass like a shotgun shell, while the top half is made of glass, designed with a snake wrapped around its length, recalling the snake found on the historic Gadsden flag.

American Barrels is growing alongside another Fort Myers based company – Ford’s Garage. The restaurant chain now has four locations throughout Florida, all of which will be carrying American Barrels in the coming weeks. Additionally, American Barrels will be unveiling a dedicated bar at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida on October 13th, 2016, at the Florida Panther’s home opener.

American Barrels Bourbon Whiskey is priced at $29.99 for a 750ML bottle. The whiskey is 90 proof with an ABV of 45 percent, and is described as having a lingering caramel sweetness and light oaky finish.

“American Barrels is unique in that its symbolism resonates with so many different demographics,” said Reed. “We have found that we are able to cross age divides where a lot of other whiskey brands can’t.”

For more information, visit AmericanBarrels.com. Connect with American Barrels on at Facebook and on Instagram.