Aervana Wine Aerator is the most innovative way to aerate wine as the first electric push-button wine aerator.

Designed to leave wine sediments in the bottom of the bottle during aeration, it is the first aerator with a constant flow rate (for a more precise pour) and allows focus to be on the wine and your guests, not the aeration process.

Simple, clean, and easy to use, the Aervana features a sophisticated and sleek modern design with no lifting, dripping, aiming, spilling or guessing. Aeration effectiveness is six-times greater versus the competition. It takes seconds to clean; just dispense clean water through it. It’s not clumsy, messy and distracting like other aerators. The Aervana enhances all wine, from a $5 to a $100 bottle. It aerates more than 200 bottles of wine with one set of batteries (batteries included) and dispenses fully aerated wine directly to your glass in seconds.



Made with USDA approved food safe materials. Retails for $99.98; Visit