Convenience and Greater Visibility Are Hallmarks of the Innovative Bar-Top Cooling System.

Introducing a cool way to serve Jägermeister: the revolutionary new two-bottle Jägermeister Speed Pour freezer. The Speed Pour, which keeps two perfectly chilled bottles of Jägermeister at the ready, is designed to allow two bartenders to quickly pour ice-cold Jägermeister at once, ensuring that every shot of the legendary herbal liqueur is served at its optimal temperature.

“Following in the footsteps of our iconic Jägermeister Tap Machine and Shotmeister that created an ice-cold shot phenomenon, Jägermeister continues to lead through innovation with the first-ever Speed Pour cooling system where its speed and convenience put Jägermeister above all other liqueurs – quite literally. The Speed Pour’s elevated profile gives Jägermeister, already the #1-selling imported cordial in the U.S., even greater prominence behind the bar, driving sales higher.”
– Marcus Thieme, Chief Marketing Officer, Jägermeister at Sidney Frank Importing Company, Inc.

A Cool New Way to Serve Jägermeister

A Cool New Way to Serve Jägermeister

Thieme continues, “It’s important that we continue to listen to the needs of bartenders and developed the Speed Pour in collaboration with them as we are always looking for new ways to serve this German elixir made up of a closely guarded recipe of 56 premium botanicals sourced from around the world.”

The innovative Speed Pour can house up to two 1-liter bottles of Jägermeister, keeping them easily accessible while maintaining them at a consistent 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The energy-efficient Speed Pour seamlessly stacks above the Shot Glass freezer (sold separately), which chills up to 48 shot glasses, and adds another 9.5 inches of height to the display, increasing visibility and driving purchases.

The Speed Pour comes with two stag head pourers and two bottleneck extenders integrated into a single piece that combines visual allure with speed and convenience. In addition, the Speed Pour freezer boasts an elevated, room-temperature display area to hold two more 1-liter bottles of Jägermeister.

The Jägermeister two-bottle Speed Pour freezer retails for $199 plus tax and shipping. For additional details and instructions, and how to order, visit or call 1-800-253-JAGER.

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