Every year on Father’s Day, people pay tribute to one of the most important men in their life, their father.

In spite of that, Father’s Day gifts are a long running gag involving ties that will never be worn or other things for which dear old dad has no use. Rather than gifting another item that will only collect dust, why not get your father something you are sure he will enjoy? Whisk(e)y always fits the bill as a great Father’s Day present. We’ve compiled an easy gift guide of whiskies, based on the type of father you might be shopping for. Whether your father is an outdoorsman or a tech geek, there is a great whiskey for each and every dad on his special day.

Highland Park Dark Origins

Highland Park Dark Origins

The Intellectual

If Dad spends his evenings reading Sarte in the original French and likes to expound upon Heidegger’s concept of self over dinner, he’ll appreciate a whisky that is both challenging and multilayered. Created to honor the founding father of Highland Park, Magnus Eunson, and with twice the number of first fill sherry butts as traditional Highland Park 12, Highland Park Dark Origins is the perfect selection. The complex flavor profile is a study in contrasts, and dad will appreciate debating the merits of this whisky with friends and family.


Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

The DIY Dad

Have a leaky faucet? Call Dad. Does your car need an oil change? This father is only a phone call away. For the man who appreciates the efforts of hard work and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye Whisky is a great choice. The newest addition to the Crown Royal lineup, this Canadian whisky comes from this classic distillery. Perfect on its own, with bright fruit notes and just a hint of spice, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye will also mix beautifully into cocktails, something else dad probably makes with his own two hands.


Bushmills Black Bush

Bushmills Black Bush

The Athlete

You know the type, he competes in two softball leagues at a time and no holiday goes by without Dad getting everyone to play touch football before dinner. This father is constantly on the go, looking for the next sporting event to keep him busy, but even this guy needs to unwind from time to time. After a hard fought match, Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey will be a great choice for post-game festivities. With its rich, fruity notes, and approachable character, Black Bush pairs well with beer or Dad can enjoy it neat or on the rocks.


Stranahans Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

The Outdoorsman

This Dad is a rugged individual, always camping or fishing, and happiest when he’s enjoying Mother Nature. For this father, not just any old whiskey will do. This calls for a special occasion whiskey, one as unique as he is. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey is an excellent choice. Made in the Rocky Mountains with 100% barley and matured in charred, new oak barrels, this whiskey takes the best of both New World and Old World whiskey and combines it to make a truly one-of-a-kind dram.


Dewar's White Label Scratched Cask

Dewar’s White Label Scratched Cask

The New Dad

You know the type, with a newborn at home, bags under his eyes and a bad habit of falling instantly asleep any time there is a moment of silence. This new father isn’t going to be going out to the latest and greatest bars, or checking out the cocktail scene; he has a child to raise. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t enjoy a wee dram of good whisky once in a while after the baby has gone down. Dewar’s “White Label” Scratched Cask fits the bill perfectly. A mixture of single malt and single grain whiskies matured a minimum of three years, this whisky is then finished in selected charred and scratched American oak barrels. The result is a veritable Swiss Army knife of a whisky for dad, one that offers both classic blended Scotch whisky flavors along with a discernible bourbon influence.


I.W. Harper

I.W. Harper Bourbon Whiskey

The Retro Dad

This dad hasn’t tried to be cool since he was a kid. He found a style and has stuck with it while fashion trends have come and gone. He may be surprised that his sideburns are being emulated by hipsters, but his taste in good whiskey is uncompromised. A father like this never goes out of fashion, much like I.W. Harper Bourbon Whiskey. While this bourbon has finally returned to the American market after a long absence, this whisky has stayed true to its roots. Dad will appreciate a whiskey as stubbornly uncompromising as he can be. While most enjoyable neat or on the rocks, don’t cringe if your father decides to drink it as a Presbyterian cocktail or another old school drink. It is his choice, and, after all, it is Fathers day.


Russell's Reserve Single Barrell Bourbon

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrell Bourbon

The Tech Geek Dad

This father has every new gadget that comes out right when it comes out. Obsessed with technology and a classic early adopter, he even buys things that might be a bit iffy just to test out the technology (no one understands why he still owns a Microsoft Zune). This father needs something to reconnect him to the world, something that takes time and patience to mature. Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey fits the bill perfectly. Each bottle represents one tiny portion of an individual barrel that was hand-selected for quality. Dad will appreciate the rarity that each bottle represents, and as he comes to sip and savor the whiskey, he’ll find that a bit of time contemplating the complexities of this bourbon are a perfect break from the fast paced world of technology.


Whippersnapper Oregon spirits Whiskey_courtesy Ransom Spirits

The Foodie Dad

He owns his own chef’s knives that are off limits to the rest of the family. He makes his own bacon and he can expound upon the merits of French versus Italian cheeses. This dad is happiest when he has good food and drink. He probably has a wine collection, whether a few good bottles hidden under the stairs or a full blown cellar, but he never passes up the opportunity to celebrate the good life. Ransom Spirits Whippersnapper Oregon Spirit Whiskey will fit this dad perfectly. Designed for mixing, dad can impress his friends with its versatility in drinks ranging from the Manhattan to the Sazerac, and he’ll also enjoy it on its own. Made by iconoclastic winemaker and distiller Tad Seestadt by the Oregon Coast, you could pair a bottle of Whippersnapper with one of Ransom’s impressive Pinot Noir wines to really win the day with dad.