They say you drink with your eyes first, so Instagram is the perfect place to make you thirsty.

While its beginnings were rather like a virtual fridge where you could to post your digital Polaroids, Instagram has become the de facto destination where you can covet everything from your neighbors’ vacation photos to their latest gourmet meal. And now, with cocktail culture at an all-time high, you can feed your addiction with perfectly cropped squares of delicious drinks to whet your wishful whistle.

Overflowing cobblers, sparkling rosés, frosty steins, kitschy tiki, vintage glassware, and drams of scotch all have a home on Instagram. Whatever your pleasure, Instagram can be your cocktail concierge, escorting you through uncharted territory to discover new bars or recipes through amaro-filtered lenses. Here are 7 click-worthy accounts worth checking out.


Gleaming bar tools in bronze, gold, and chrome, bottles of bitters and spirits, bartenders, and bars, these are the images that fill the Instagram feed of Alambika, a Canadian retailer of well crafted bar tools and glassware. Each photo makes you want to open your own bar, or at least play bar at home.

Photo Courtesy of Alambika


Cocktail Wonk is a tribute to the nerdy side of cocktails, headed up by Matt Pietrek, a former Windows programming expert turned cocktail blogger. Pietrek approaches the world of cocktails with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail that he gave to the datasets of programming. Equal parts drinks, spirits, and cocktail culture, Cocktail Wonk will make you wish you had a spare liver to drink up every single insta-frame of his Instagram feed.

Photo Courtesy of Cocktail Wonk


Matt Biancaniello is known as a “Cocktail Chef”, having made a name for himself by creating wonder-filled libations featuring unusual ingredients like squid ink, bitter melon, or sea urchin. His Instagram feed is a chronicle of his farmer’s market finds, experiments in the kitchen and, of course, breathtaking presentations of his cocktail creations.

Photo Courtesy of Eat Your Drink


Eddie McDougall is the Flying Wine Maker, a winemaker by trade who hosts a TV show on TLC and runs a wine shop by the same name in Hong Kong. His new bottle discoveries, travelogue of wine destinations, and tasting notes will delight wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Photo Courtesy of The Flying Wine Maker


Bright and tropical, this Instagram feed is filled with tiki delights by bartender Rob Sharp and LA blogger Nicole Weston, authors of Tiki Drinks: Tropical Cocktails for the Modern Bar. Grab some rum and prepare to be transported to an island where the pineapple is plentiful and the paper umbrellas sway.

Photo Courtesy of Modern Tiki


Home to more than 100 breweries, San Diego is ground zero for California craft beer. SDBeerLife showcases the wide array of craft breweries one pint at a time. Whether you prefer the double IPA style of a San Diego Pale Ale, a barrel aged sour, or a cold brew coffee stout, there is a glass of frosty goodness for every hop head.

Photo Courtesy of SDBeerLife


Living life one dram at a time, the Whiskey Scout seeks out aged, brown spirits from Bourbon County to the Scottish Highlands and beyond. Complete with tasting notes and thoughtful anecdotes, this Instagram feed will make you want to grab a Glencairn glass and maybe even your smoking jacket to enjoy your favorites or discover a few new ones.

Photo Courtesy of The Whiskey Scout

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