Small changes make big impacts, and swapping out your cocktail cherries for a premium option transforms even a simple drink.

Maraska Cherries Jar

Maraska Cherries Jar

Since the 1300’s, Zadar, Croatia has been producing some of the best cherries in the world. From high-end liqueurs that were favored by royalty, to the after-dinner drinks of the common-man, the Maraska brand has been providing cherry-based delights enjoyed by all. The line carries a range of products that can transform the everyday cocktail into something luxurious, but one of the most overlooked is the humble cocktail cherry.

Why should you swap out your cocktail cherries?

Maraska's Marasca Cherry Tree Grove

Maraska’s Marasca Cherry Tree Grove

1. Maraska Grows Their Own Cherries

The Maraska line has their own cherry orchard with over 100,000 mature cherry trees. Unlike other brands that source their cherries from other producers, Maraska oversees every step of production from the time the tree buds to when the final product heads to shelves and bars. Not only does this allow them to have complete control over the growing process, but they can select the best and biggest cherries to bottle. This ensures that the cherries are being used as efficiently as possible while each of your garnishes are premium and consistent. The cherries not bottled get used in their many other spirits, reducing waste and ensuring each product is as premium as possible.

2. Add A Dose Of Luxury

Creating luxury doesn’t need to be complicated. Improving guest experience, working with premium ingredients, or simply upping your cocktails appearance can all create a feeling of luxury. When you make the switch from small, low quality cherries to plump, naturally flavorful options like Maraska, you’re improving your game without any extra work.

3. Improve Cocktail Flavor

Thanks to the nature of Maraska’s production, they do not need to rely on artificial cherry flavoring or intense sweetness. Instead, Maraska cherries have a true, deep cherry flavor and can add depth and layers to any cocktail. Similar to how adding a scant pour of Maraschino  liqueur to a cocktail adds brightness and dynamism, a high quality Maraska cherry and a small amount of juice can do the same.

4. Improve Appearances

Simply put, a plump, natural hued cherry is always going to look classy garnishing a cocktail. Improving your garnish game is just one step to becoming a better mixologist, and opting for a high-end cherry is a fantastic step forward. If you’re trying to take the next step in your cocktail making game and are still garnishing your premium drinks with tiny, lackluster cherries, it’s time to switch it up.