The Westin New York at Times Square’s Bar Lands Bottle #20 in Limited Release of 299 Crystal Lalique Bottles Worldwide.

Patrón en Lalique, Series 2; the name itself is fabulous and aptly fitting for the exquisite crystal encasing the incredibly rare tequila found within. The Westin New York at Times Square’s Foundry Bar is now serving the hard-to-come by top-of-the-top shelf tequila. There were only 299 bottles produced and now served worldwide; this being one of only a dozen bottles across New York State.

Before getting to the tasteful tequila within, the bottle is as easy on the eyes as this spirit is going down. The crystal encasement is made by Lalique, founded by renowned French glassmaker and jeweler René Lalique. The company is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year. Each bottle was handmade and individually numbered at Lalique’s glass factory in Wingen-Sur-Moder, in Alscae, France. Foundry Bar is in proud possession of Patrón en Lalique, Series 2 bottle #20.

Patrón en Lalique, Series 2, bottle and packaging on white

Patrón en Lalique, Series 2

Sharing center stage as the co-star of this two-fold experience for the eyes and the palate is the tequila, which uses the highest-quality 100% weber blue agave. It is then matured for seven years in a combination of American oak, French oak and sherry barrels. The culmination of this process results in an exceptionally complex extra añjeo that strikes the ideal balance between fruit, agave and oak aromas.

Foundry Bar is no stranger to fine spirits; less than a year ago they began serving bottle #299 of the 710 bottles of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon that was produced. Only 11 barrels were gracefully aged for a quarter century to create this spirt. Much like Patrón en Lalique, Series 2, this rare vintage is just a small fraction of what typical Pappy Van Winkle stocks look like. The decision to create such a limited supply is quite purposeful to have a once-in-a-lifetime offering, which has already sold out.

Patrón en Lalique, Series 2 tequila has the Foundry’s best bourbon beat when it comes to pricing; a half-ounce pour is $215, while a full ounce goes for $340 (Pappy’s was $175 and $315 respectively). Those who are looking for a heavy-handed pour will spend $450 for 1.5 ounces.

Patrón en Lalique, Series 2 will be available at Foundry Bar while supplies last. For more information, visit