After months of restrictions and quarantine across much of the country, customers are returning to bars with a fervor that many worry will result in unsafe drinking practices.

To help make the transition back to normal happen as safely as possible, teamed up with Retired Nightlife Liaison for Arlington County, Virigina, Dimitrios “Jim” Mastoras and Molly Mastoras, MA, LPC., to develop the newly launched Safe Night program. The program was developed based on a system Jim and Molly developed for the community of Arlington.

SafeNight is aimed at helping the hospitality industry better prepare for unsafe situations. The program offers affordable virtual training as well as a free-to-download PDF that helps restaurant owners and workers develop effective, fact-based safety plans.

Improve Safety In Hospitality With

Improve Safety In Hospitality With

Adequate Training For Emergency Situations

Creating concrete, specific policies, and adequately training staff is a must when creating a safer hospitality environment. In emergency or uncomfortable situations, it’s too easy for everyone involved to either ignore the issue because of discomfort or forget their role in a panic. When you have clear policies with specific expectations and roles, the risk of staff forgetting or failing to act is significantly reduced. SafeNight walks you through how and why to set up policies, but the most important part is creating clear role designations for each staff member and then ensuring there is ample practice.

Keep Staff Safe By Reporting Incidents

While it’s not always fun, writing incident reports can keep staff and businesses safe in the event of legal issues. “A well-written incident report, ideally including photos or security video, may prevent a civil lawsuit brought against a business or employee. Detailed and immediate documentation of an event is essential for accurate recall and proof that a business made reasonable efforts, followed best practices, and has a system in place to provide reliable information for criminal or civil matters,” the guide explains.

Keep Design In Mind

An aspect of safety that you might not consider is how your bar or restaurant is laid out. Ensuring that staff has a clear line of sight throughout the space, cameras covering all areas, and adequate lighting all play a role to help reduce issues and liability. Another thing to consider is placing garbage cans next to exit doors. This placement helps prevent customers from taking any trash or alcohol off-premise.

Learn more and by checking out the digital and downloadable Safe Night Resource Guide.