First Beer in Tanker Truck Sour Series.

Passion Fruit Gose to be Released April 1st, 2017, in 16 ounce Cans and Draft. Persian Lime Gose to be Released in June, 2017.

Two Roads Brewing introduces their Tanker Truck Sour Series, a new series of kettle-soured beers that takes a different route in more ways than one. Kettle-soured beers incorporate bacteria in the brewing process and add sourness to the beer.

Typically, the souring process occupies the brew kettle for over two days while the mash sours. To free up the brew house, Two Roads took a “Road Less Traveled” approach by repurposing an old milk tanker truck that is located outdoors to prevent any souring bacteria from contaminating the brew house.

“The tanker truck is a unique solution. It allays concerns about lactobacillus in the brewery and frees up our brew house, which has been quite busy.”
– Two Roads Master Brewer Phil Markowski

Two Roads Brewing Passion Fruit and Persian Lime Gose

Two Roads Brewing Passion Fruit and Persian Lime Gose

“We’re big fans of sour beers and we’ve had a great reaction in the marketplace to our Two Roads Passion Fruit Gose draft and our Two Evil Geyser Gose collaboration with Evil Twin. As a result, we decided to introduce a series of limited release, kettle-soured beers in 16 ounce cans and draft. Since a re-purposed milk truck is a unique and unusual addition to any brewery, we thought it would be fun to dub this the Tanker Truck Sour Series.”
– VP Sales & Marketing Clem Pellani

Three different Tanker Truck beers will be released in 2017 starting with Passion Fruit Gose in early April followed by Persian Lime Gose in June. A fall sour beer will be announced shortly.

Passion Fruit Gose features a nose of tropical fruit, the taste of light wheat and a perfect harmony of tartness and sweet fruit that’s mingled with a hint of salt to really bring the flavors to life. This beer is the perfect accompaniment to warming temperatures.

The beers come in 16 ounce four pack wraps and draft. They will be available wherever Two Roads beers are sold.