One of the most critical tools in any loyal imbiber’s bar is a corkscrew.

But, not all corkscrews are created equal; some are small and compact, some open bottles easily, and some are conversation starters. A good corkscrew should not only help you open a bottle of wine as quickly and efficiently as possible, but also should add a touch of style to your bar or wine cellar. Herewith, our favorite corkscrews for style, efficiency, and even a few laughs.

Laguiole Sommelier Wine Key

Laguiole Sommelier Wine Key

Photo Courtesy of Laguiole

1. A Laguiole Sommelier Wine Key

A Laguiole Sommelier Wine Key is an elegant classic that comes in a range of different handles including exotic hardwoods, horn, carbon fiber, and patterned acrylic. These corkscrews are meticulously handmade from stainless steel, and the 5-turn grooved spiral ensures that the steel will perfectly penetrate the cork. This corkscrew also has a stainless steel knife for removing the foil from the bottle, and a stainless steel lifter to easily remove the cork. This handsome corkscrew is perfect for those who open a lot of bottles of wine and want a corkscrew with individual and classic character.

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Brass Key Corkscrew

Brass Key Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy of The Awesomer

2. Brass Key Corkscrew

Reminiscent of a vintage brass skeleton key, the corkscrew is hidden in a protective brass sheath (which means, no accidents when digging around in a drawer looking for a wine opener). Simply screw the spiral into the cork and give it a good pull to open your favorite bottle.

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Twistick Corkscrew

Twistick Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy of True Utility

3. The Twistick Keychain

The Twistick Keychain is the world’s smallest corkscrew – a tool that nests upon itself when not in use. To use the corkscrew, remove from the keychain loop, slide the steel handle out from the corkscrew helix, and slide into the top loop creating a “T” formation. Then twist, pull, and you’ve got yourself an open bottle. This subtle and stylish little bottle opener is ideal for impromptu picnics or parties.

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Blomus Cino Corkscrew Opened

Blomus Cino Corkscrew

Blomus Cino Corkscrew Opened

Blomus Cino Corkscrew Opened

Photo Courtesy of 2Modern

4. The Blomus Cino Corkscrew

The Blomus Cino Waiter’s Friend is a sleek corkscrew perfect for the wine loving minimalist who appreciates contemporary design. The stainless steel wine key comes with a knife, corkscrew, and lifter to help ease the cork out of the bottle. There’s even a traditional bottle opener cut into the lifter for beer drinkers.

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J.L. Lawson & Co. Corkscrew II In Sheath

J.L. Lawson & Co. Corkscrew II in Sheath


J.L. Lawson & Co. Corkscrew II

Photo Courtesy of J.L. Lawson & Company

5. J. L. Lawson & Co. Brass Corkscrew II

Hand-machined from solid brass in Joshua Tree, California, the J. L. Lawson & Co. Brass Corkscrew II is a beautifully considered corkscrew for the most discerning wine drinker. The brass and stainless steel corkscrew comes with a custom leather sheath, and can be personalized with 3-5 initials.

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Unwine Corkscrew

Unwine Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy of Plush Pod

6. Unwine Corkscrew

Umbra’s wave-like corkscrew seductively hides its stainless helix under its curving silver-plated brass body that is designed to be ergonomically comfortable as well as functional. Designed by Luciano Lorenzatti, this sculptural corkscrew will compliment a wine cellar with a contemporary look.

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Tom Dixon Arc Corkscrew

Tom Dixon Arc Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy of Camodernhome

7. Tom Dixon Arc Corkscrew

Tom Dixon has designed a contemporary sand-cast brass corkscrew that is designed to fit nicely in the hand, as well as look good on a bar. The rough texture and bright brass finish gives this corkscrew a vintage feel.

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Japanese Two-Pronged Wine Opener

Japanese Two-Pronged Wine Opener

Photo Courtesy of Umami Mart

8. Japanese Two-Pronged Wine Opener

The Japanese two-pronged wine opener is a lightweight alternative to a traditional wine key. The stainless steel opener has two prongs that slip around the cork without leaving a hole or a mark. Perfect for those who like to save corks from memorable bottles.

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Kikkerland Oakwood Bird Corkscrew

Kikkerland Oakwood Bird Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy All Modern

9. The Oakwood Bird Corkscrew

The Oakwood Bird Corkscrew by Kikkerland is whimsical yet reminiscent of mid-century Scandinavian design. The sparrow-shaped opener has a stainless steel knife, helix, and a lifter to facilitate opening your favorite bottle of wine, and is a charming addition to a design-lover’s bar.

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Sir Jack's Warthog Tusk Corkscrew

Sir Jack’s African Warthog Tusk Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy of Sir Jack’s

10. African Warthog Tusk Corkscrew

The vintage-inspired African Warthog Tusk Corkscrew is perfect for a wine-loving explorer who has a nostalgic soft spot for 19th century expeditions and hunting trophies. Detailed with turquoise stones and a sterling silver end cap, this corkscrew has an old world feel, yet is made with a custom stainless steel helix to ensure that all wine bottles are opened with ease.

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Socrates Corkscrew

Alessi’s Socrates Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy of Hive Modern

11. Alessi’s Socrates Corkscrew

Alessi’s iconic Socrates Corkscrew was designed in 1998 by Jasper Morrison, and instantly became a symbol for functional design. The corkscrew hints at the “Socratic Method”, the philosopher’s technique of coercing information from one’s comrades. This stainless steel corkscrew is a timeless piece and is great fun to use.

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Leg Corkscrew

Legs Corkscrew

Leg Corkscrew Opened

Legs Corkscrew Opened

Photo Courtesy of Vintage Corkscrews

12. Folding Legs Corkscrew

Vintage corkscrews have become collector’s items amongst wine lovers worldwide, and some of the most desired are the Victorian “Naughty Nellie” or “Can-Can” folding legs corkscrews. The cheeky corkscrews come in an array of different colors of striped celluloid. Some ladies wear full stockings and some wear knee socks, revealing their fleshy thighs. While often pricey and difficult to find, they are sure to start conversations and get a few laughs.

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Tiffany & Co. Corkscrew

Tiffany & Co. Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy Tiffany & Co.

13. Tiffany & Co. Corkscrew

Tiffany & Co. makes a stunningly simple corkscrew engraved with the iconic T&CO and the year of the company’s founding. The sterling silver corkscrew is sure to be a beloved addition to any wine cellar, as well as a cherished heirloom for future generations.

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Kings Brass Corkscrew

King’s Brass Corkscrew

Photo Courtesy of Fine Wine Accessories

14. The King’s Brass Corkscrew

The King’s Brass corkscrew is an antique-style corkscrew that is perfect for those who like bar accessories with a nostalgic feel. The brass handles turn to ease the steel helix into the cork and to remove the cork from the bottle effortlessly.

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