Eppa Superfruit Sangria is an organic red wine that was first introduced in Florida in 2011. The wine recieved accolades from consumers, retailers and wine critics. The popularity of this organic creation has grown over the past year and can now be found in the wine section of Whole Foods markets in more than 20 states (including Texas, New York, Missouri and Illinois).

John Gomez, co-founder of Eppa Wine Company states, “Eppa SuperFruit Sangria is enjoying growth for many reasons. The sangria and sweet red blend wine category are hot right now and given the premium quality, organic and antioxidant values this appeals to consumers on many levels, but most importantly it just simply tastes great.”

The base of the product includes organically grown Mendocino Cabernet (which adds structure and depth) and Syrah (which brings fruit flavors that complement the organic Super Fruit juices). The wines are from Mendocino Country, a part of California’s North Coast wine growing region. The fruit juices that are added are real and also certified organic, and include pomegranate, blueberry, Mediterranean blood orange and acai berries. These “SuperFruits” give Eppa Sangria twice the antioxidants as a regular glass of red wine.

Gomez adds

“Sangria is a drink that generally signals fun and by nature it’s very social. From bars to gatherings of families and friends, sangria is on trend. Widely found on drink menus in the most popular bars and restaurants, sangria is viewed as a drink by many who ‘enjoy life.’ For an impromptu gathering, a girls’ night in or night of small dishes at home, Eppa Sangria makes serving a great tasting, well-balanced and antioxidant rich sangria, easy every time.”

All of John Gomez’s words are on point. Eppa Sangria is delicious, and I like that you are getting more health benefits than in a typical glass of wine. Eppa Sangria is excellent by itself served over ice, and a great choice for those of you who like sangria, but not the floating fruit that goes along with it. If you enjoy the fruit, you can easily add your favorite types and you don’t have to wait for the flavors to marinate into the wine. Eppa Sangria is already sweet and delicious and ready to enjoy from the moment you open the bottle.