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Winning Bartender: Lenny Wysocki – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Winning Bartender: Lenny Wysocki – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What was the inspiration for your Lime Bite creation? I was trying to make a drink that was fruity and refreshing for the summer!

What is your favorite Captain Morgan cocktail? Captain and Coke.

What is the most important tool a bartender must have? The gift of GAB and a fully stocked bar.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a bartender? Be professional but also have fun. Make your customers come back to be repeat business and build relationships.

Tell us one thing about tending bar that we may not know. Its not as easy as it looks, especially when you are busy.

How do you deal with overly intoxicated consumers? Keep them calm, flag them, and help them out. Call a cab, hotel, friend!


Lime-Aid Bite

1 oz. Lime Bite
1/2 oz Raspberry Liquor
Fill glass with Lemonade
Splash of Club Soda

Mix together Lime Bite and Raspberry Liquor. Fill glass with Lemonade. Shake together then strain over ice. Add splash of Club soda. Garnish with raspberries and lime wedge