Happy Birthday Virgo, the richest sign in the zodiac, so says Forbes in a 2006 study. If another sign has knocked them out of the top spot, I don’t know of it. If you do, please tell me! So who’s a Virgo?

Glee star Lea Michel, royal lad Prince Harry, bombshells Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren, top chef Todd English; designers Stella Mccartney, Tom Ford, Michael Kors and Karl Lagerfeld, supermodel Claudia Schiffer, rockers Beyoncé, Moby, Pink and Michael Jackson, megastars Cameron Diaz and Alexander Skarsgår.

Let’s talk about the latter, Alexander Skarsgår: True Blood heartthrob, immortal sexpot and Virgo of the moment:

Skarsgår and the badass vampire he plays, Eric Northman, are both privy to Virgo’s wealth. Skarsgår is said to be worth 12m. His character, Northman, has built up a sick fortune from 1,000 years of bloody pillaging.

Off-screen, Skarsgår’s most striking Virgoan characteristic is his impeccable attire. I don’t believe he owns a wrinkled garment. His outward appearance is consistently fastidious. Onscreen, his character is neat as a pin. Additionally, Northman is a clean biter. Besides the two holes in your jugular, you’d hardly know he bit you if it weren’t for that tremendous True Blood style orgasm you’d have. No dribbling at all…

Skarsgår also keeps himself in shape. His svelte bod is as chiseled and sculpted as his face. A bite a day keeps the doctor away. Health is a stereotypical Virgoan trait.

Northman’s date of birth is never revealed to the True Blood audience–I guess birthdays become a mute point once you’ve acquired immortality. But Skarsgår’s energy is so strong it seeps right through the screen, staining his character a decided shade of Virgo.

Known for his stone-faced sensuality, Skarsgår and Northman are calm, cool and collected… On the outside. On the inside, Northman is an uncontrollable monster and Skarsgår is likely a bundle of nerves. All Astrological speculation, of course!

Lastly, the sign of the Fallen Angel tends to be a hard catch. Single Skarsgår is no exception. Virgo’s standards are so incredibly high that it’s a challenge to find a person (mortal or immortal) who actually meets their criteria. If you do manage to catch a Virgo, don’t squeeze too tight, they’ll slip right through your fingers.

Now let’s tipple. The “Skarsgår” calls for a Mercurial plant, because Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. The pistachio, based on Medieval Herbal Astrology, is also ruled by Mercury. This is because its leaves are small, thin and spindly, with its fruit being rather tiny as well. Mercury is our smallest planet–this is the connection. Cheers to Virgo!


The Skarsgår:

Muddle 2 char-grilled cherry tomatoes

Add 1.5 part gold rum

.5 part averna

.5 part fresh lime juice

.5 pistachio syrup*

Shake over ice. Double strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with shelled pistachio.

PISTACHIO SYRUP: Lightly toast ½ c finely chopped, salted pistachios in skillet. Remove from heat. Add to 3 c sugar and 3 c water in pot. (I love Kangen water). Simmer for 30 m. Strain. Add splash vodka to preserve (I love Zodiac Vodka). Store in fridge.


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