Bastille Metal Works is the premier manufacturer of custom cast zinc and pewter countertops, range hoods, and furnishings in North America. Their custom architectural metal designs are a beautiful choice for luxury commercial and residential locations. Versatile and unique styles have been featured all over the country and abroad in prominent bars, hotels, and restaurants. Each design is crafted using a unique process known as “slip-casting.” This innovative technique fuses the metals, providing a clean and seamless finish on any product.

Maintenance is minimal because zinc naturally develops a protective zinc carbonate layer or patina as it weathers and ages, thus eliminating the need for paints and other coatings that might contain high levels of VOCs. Also, because the metal is uncoated, there is no possibility of fading, chipping, peeling or chafing, which reduces overall life cycle costs. Both of these old world alloy metals allow a room to tell its visual history through an organic oxidation process. The surfaces and items the alloys touch effect the look and texture of the piece over time.

Cast zinc and cast pewter countertops were once a design staple in Parisian bistros twp hundred years ago. These organic living alloy metals provide warmth which, when cast, can be partnered with unlimited edge details that work in both traditional and modern settings. The delicately crafted look and feel of this type of counter surface is making a re-emergence in high-end commercial and residential locations because of this versatility and understated elegance.

Bastille Metal Works’ cast zinc and pewter countertops and bartops have been featured in many beautiful and award-winning spaces such as the La Societe Bistro, L’Olivier Restaurant, and in the Hotel Monteleone’s famous carousel bar. Many locations select Bastille because of their antique, old world charm and beautiful craftsmanship provided in the details, while the design itself incorporates all modern luxuries and conveniences.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recoginzed zinc and pewter ‘s emergence in a 2012 press release stating: “Shimmering surfaces, shining fixtures, high-sheen fixtures, and perfectly placed lighting accents are a prominent personality trait of current kitchens.” Bastille Metal Works has been ahead of the curve on this design trend and featured shimmering surfaces prominemently at this year’s Spring High Point Market with Habersham Home’s “American Treasures” Collection.

Houzz recommends looking into a “low maintenance and anti-microbial surface” like zinc and pewter. Countertop Guides listed both zinc and pewter as a “top trend in metal surface countertops,” stating that zinc is great for “modern and electic design” and pewter is a growing in popularity for “traditional and French country designs.” The charm, warmth, beauty, and long lifespan of zinc and pewter make them both an excellent choice for any kitchen, restaurant, hotel, or bar.