The number of microdistilleries in the United States has grown drastically in the last two decades, with dozens more emerging each year. The growing trend has entrepreneurs nationwide anxious to make their own custom spirits but lost as to how to get the training needed to do so. Moonshine University in Louisville, Kentucky is looking to standardize that process.

The new school is holding an all-inclusive class from Jan. 14 to 18 that will give aspiring craft distillers the tools they need to get their spirits business up and running. The “5-Day Distillers’ Course” at Moonshine University, a state-of-the-art educational facility at Distilled Spirits Epicenter, provides a complete overview of the craft of distilling and the beverage industry with comprehensive technical training and business education for entrepreneurs, industry professionals and those looking for careers in distilling. Curriculum includes everything from grain selection to aging, flavoring, bottling, packaging, marketing and distribution. The class will be held quarterly.

For $5500, students will learn from master distillers, industry insiders, vendors and other experts through a series of informational sessions. The detailed program is endorsed by Jefferson Community and Technical College. An optional “Nut and Bolts” half-day course on Jan. 13 is available at no additional charge and will offer insight on contracting and permits for building a craft distillery. To register, email or call (502) 301-8130. More information is available online at