Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters™ was created by blending pimento, a delightfully complex and layered spice, with a hint of anise and other herbs. Pimento, the Jamaican word for allspice, adds a wonderful accent to many drinks. The natural occurring essential oils of pimento are also believed to aid digestion. Its distinctive flavor enhances many classic and modern cocktails. It can be used to spice a wide range of classic and modern favorites like the Piña Colada, Painkiller, Mai Tai, the Sazerac, and whiskey or Champagne cocktails. Or use to accent straight spirits like grappa, gin, and whiskey. SEE RECIPES

Dale DeGroff’s Pimento Aromatic Bitters™ is completely artisanal in construction, crafted entirely from whole
botanicals, without commercial flavorings or artificial dyes. We invite you to pre-order your special Collectors Edition Signature Bottle now. Comes in a handsome 250ml antique bottle with hand waxed top, packaged with dripper spout.. Can be refilled and reused. Signed in gold ink by Dale DeGroff. Portrait on label by Jada Rowland.

3,000 UNITS AVAILABLE. Coming August 15th.
The 150 ml standard bottles will be available in September.