Can’t think of anything more fun than a backyard b-b-q with dear old dad on Father’s Day? Treat Dad to a little homemade libation while he mans the grill. We use the term “homemade” loosely. Okay, so you didn’t make the 100 proof whiskey that dad is sippin’ on, but a few moonshiners from Tennessee did.

Dad is sure to enjoy this authentic moonshine made from a 150 year old recipe. Retailing $20-$25 (with modest fluctuations by state) the good stuff is available at liquor stores in over 30 states. Find out where to buy at

Ole Smoky Moonshine, the first legal distillery in Tennessee, is churning out the shine in four varieties:

Ole Smoky© Original Moonshine (for sippin’)
Ole Smoky© Moonshine Cherries TM (an Appalachian party tradition)
Ole Smoky© Apple Pie Moonshine TM (Americana in a jar)
Ole Smoky ® White Lightnin’ ™ (for mixin’)

Coming soon…addicting flavors like Peach Lightnin’ and Blackberry will be available first in Tennessee this Summer and expanding to other cities across the country.