You can flip it, trick it and open your beer!

BBbarfly was envisioned by Brian Becker in 2009 who, with the technological ingenuity of Serge Shirinian, was able to bring to you the first bottle opener of its kind, combining functionality with flair.

BBbarfly is patent pending and trademarked in the US and Canada. For diverse usability and increased control, both the top and the bottom of the mouth can be used to open the bottle. The handles are durable. Designed for comfort and functionality.

The bottle opener itself and its pins are made from a food grade, high quality stainless steel, guaranteed never to rust.

BBbarfly weighs almost half a pound, and stretches almost 5 1/2 inches when shut and 9 3/4 inches when open. Both the weight and its distribution are especially engineered to increase usability and balance. Best of all, our bottle openers are built to last a lifetime!

Customize it!

With 9 handle colours to choose from and a variety of print colours. We can put your company logo or any design you desire on a BBbarfly. BBbarfly is not just another bottle opener. It’s a tool to wow your guest while serving them their favorite drink. Experience it for yourself!

Flair Beertending

Bartending with flair is the best way to enhance your guest’s experience at your establishment and make it more memorable. Flair Beer Tending is a way to translate that to the service of bottled beer- ironically the most popular drink ordered at a bar. Our consumers have been submitting more and more videos of tricks they have come up with using our product. We have been broadcasting their enthusiasm and creativity on our social media outlets for all to see.

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