August is the last full month of summer and no doubt there will be block parties, pool parties, picnics and PUNCH! Here’s a great tasting and easy recipe for a delicious, colorful fruit punch served by Ludacris, Grammy Award Winning Rapper, Restaurateur, and Celebrity. This punch is versatile, use one juice or mix it up. It’s great by the glass too.

Conjure is hand blended by Chris Ludacris Bridges a.k.a. @ludacris

Conjure Punch


  •  1 bottle of Conjure Cognac
  •  Half a cup of sugar
  •  1 large bag frozen fruit
  •  Juice, 1 bottle (59 oz.), Simply products recommended


  •  Pour frozen fruit into a pitcher or large container
  •  Add 1 bottle of Conjure Cognac
  •  Add a half cup of sugar
  •  Mix & Let it sit for 1 hour
  •  Add your choice of Simply Mango, OJ, or Pineapple juice (or a mix of all three)