Belvedere Vodka Celebrates World Martini Day on June 19th

The world’s first luxury vodka will celebrate with a global campaign to honor the martini.

Ditch the Golf Balls

Mix up some of these creative cocktails for Dad.

Papa McCoy Father’s Day Cocktail

In honor of Father’s Day, mix up the Papa McCoy, an improved riff on a classic.

D’USSÉ Cognac Startender Cocktail

The "Startender," balances the spice of D'USSÉ with the sweetness of mango and blackberries, created by Jacob from Cedric's Bistro in Harlem, NY.

Labor Day Cocktail Line Up

Kilbeggan Secret Sour

A twist on a Whiskey Sour recipe crafted by one of the world's finest mixologists that brings a fresh face to this classic.

Whip Up a Whiskey Sour

Bacardi Cocktails for National Rum Day

Friday August 16th is National Rum Day. Enjoy these cocktails by Bacardi.

Celebrate National Rum Day this Friday

Delicious Rum Cocktails from Captain Morgan and Tanduay Asian Rum.