Jamie Evans learned his craft in some of Europe’s most renowned bars like the Townhouse and Bungalow 8. He also worked in the LabBar Academy in London through which he attributes learning some of the most genius bar programs in the world regarding efficiency and drink creativity. He believes that having some incredible mentors along the way has tremendously increased his level of skill and helped in his current position as Oxley Gin’s brand ambassador.







What is a bar star?
[quote]Some people are so passionate they remain at the cutting edge of new styles and trends in the field- they are at the forefront of the industry. There are not many of them, but there is a middle ground where passionate bartenders who are really good at what they do are leading and pulling the industry along with them. So for instance, in the past few years celebrity bartenders like Jonathan Pogash started preaching fresh juices and ingredients in specialty cocktails, now more and more bartenders are moving away from mixes and using fresh ingredients. They are not necessarily in the public eye but they are putting these ideas into practice every day. So the ideas trickle down and the bar star will learn these new trends. For me, whenever I felt like I’ve learned as much as I could in one bar I move on to the next place and learn more from the next place. My goal was to learn as much as I could from those in the forefront and get as much training as I could. Although the industry is getting better, the level of advanced training is lacking but through learning and following other great bartenders you can become pretty good.[/quote]